First Aid Kits
A printable list of First Aid Items is available in PDF and Word at the links below.
These items can be put in small zip loc bags (there is a "snack size" zip loc that is very handy for individual items) and then into a larger, heavier (freezer weight) zip loc bag. This makes the first aid kit water proof and easy to see items inside. Use two if it works better for packing purposes. Also make a very small mini essentials 1st aid kit to put in your Fanny Pack that will be with you at all times when you are out of camp – in case you get separated from your saddlebags or your group. The ingredients fore these are available in the Trading Post.
Band-Aids - different sizes, be sure to have 2 3 very large size 
Sterile Gauze Compresses* 2x3 & 4x4 (at least 5 each) Used both to clean and cover wound.
Cling Gauze – 1 roll, 2 inch.
Bandaging Tape – 1-2 inch. Cloth tape, hypoallergenic.
Neosporin – (triple antibiotic ointment) 
Sting Cream (whichever) – 3-4 packets or "tubelets".
Vet wrap – can double as cling gauze or as athletic wrap. 
Triangular bandage – sling
Scissors – very small (REI carries them) or many Swiss Army Knives have them.
Tweezers – very small. Most Swiss Army Knives have them.
Needle – for removing splinters. (and a little thread for sewing up rips & buttons back on!)
Antihistamine – (Benadryl) for bee sting or other allergic reaction as you would like your child to have.
Lavender - Burns, calming, bug bites
Rescue Remedy - Headaches, calming
"Tylenol" or "Advil" – as you would like your child to have.
"Rolaids" – for acid tummy from exotic camp cooking.
Gatorade – or other rehydration "dry mix"* packets (2) (be sure to put into zip loc)
Alcohol Wipe Packets - 3 or 4 For sterilizing things like tweezers.
Anti Bacterial Wipes – 4 or 5 For cleaning around wounds, cleaning hands before and after doing 1st aid.
Antibacterial Soap – in very small container. For cleaning wound and your hands before and after first aid where water is unavailable.
Latex gloves – Two to Three pair, for personal protection when working with others.

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Contact Us Toll Free at
509-674-9554 or email